auto – self – domestication, self-referenciality, auto-reference-reality, automatic (unaware?) domestication becoming of pet, learning unaware self– and other, becoming domesticated, pet, domestic work, auto-reference-reality autodomestication…


“Flexicurity — flexibility, curiosity, security.” (BusinessDaily)

Survival in now  f a s t  c h a n g i n g  world asks for* increasingly more creativity. Inventing and re-inventing in the spirit of life long learning (LLL), flexibility of profession and working hours, blurring of private and professional life, high emaotional identification with the job.
Workers/performers in the creative industries are exemplary here: moving from project to project animated by creative energy, training and re-training themselves as they go.

Based on the lecture “Artists’ Responsibility” — “Autodomestication” focuses specifically on (self)education and pet training:

A new kind of training NOW increasingly popular among many pet owners: clicker training**. This method differs from traditional learning methods in the most fundamental way, namely instead of getting the pet obey certain rules, the owner makes their pet believe they are in fact training their owner, to click.
This new method has proven to forster new creativity and better communication with pets. Now in power they act more responsible and selfassured but also becoming better communicable and selforganized in order to attain theri goals. Punishmnet and fear have been replaced with creativity, proactivenss and freedom…

(more about this upcoming investigation here soon)

*things that ASK to be done is an old Estonian way of talk where desires are external (i.e. roof asks to be repaired, potato asks to be plowed)
** clicker training

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